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Full Adhesive Glue 3D Curved Glass for Samsung S8/S8Plus/Note8/S9/S9Plus
Model Number:For Samsung Note8/S8P/S8/S9/S9Plus
Place of Origin:Shenzhen,China
Keywords:Full Adhesive, 3D Glass, Full Adhesive Curved Glass
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  • full glue screen protector is much more touching sensible. It is the most perfect full cover screen protector for the curved edges phones at present.
  • Perfect design for bubble free,the full glue screen protector can auto abosrbing your screen automatilly.
  • The full-adhsive glue screen protector is much more shock absorbing and scratch resitant than other protective films.A tacky adhesive grade automatically covers the whole of the phone screen, not just the edges. Most screen protectors on the market simply stick on the edges, resulting in touching terrible. This glass protector will perfectly fix your phone automatically and smoothly.
  • Due to f the high cost of the full-glue tempered film and the high and strict production process requirements, the quality and clarity of the tempered steel film is much better than that of the non-full-adhesive tempered film.
  • Though it seems no deffierence between the full glue and normal full coverage screen protector. Intrinsically, the ordinary full cover screen protector will touch terrible and easy to fall in diary use. Even fall out of your phone when your phone fall down. The full adhesive glue screen protector won't occur above problem. You just need more patience to install your screen protector, you will own a perfect screen protector to full protect your phone.