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Shenzhen Pechant Technology CO., LTD
Mobile Phone:0086-15702088819 (WhatsApp)
Contact Person:Linux.Ling

Company Pofile

Shenzhen Pechant Technology Company Limited specializes in OEM manufacturing for Mobile Phone Accessories, its protective films are the most professional and marketable from its portfolio of products.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of tempered glass screen protectors, which focus on Quality control & Newest technical products development?

Shenzhen Pechant Technology Co., Ltd

We focus on phone accessories and screen protectors, and now we have our own R&D department, Mold department, 3D Curved department, CNC department, Tempered department, Lamination department, Injection department, Painting department, and Package department..

1.R&D department, 25 employees;

2.Mold department, 600 sets/day molds production ability;

3.3D Curved department, 80 sets machines, 50,000 pcs to 80,000 pcs ability one day;

4.CNC department, 32 CNC machines,

5.Tempered department, 12 sets,

6.Lamination department, 24 machines, 120,000 pcs to 150,000 pcs ability one day,

7.Injection department, 5 injection machines,

8.Painting department, 2 auto-painting lines,

9.Package department, 30 employees, 20,000 pcs to 30,000 pcs ability one day.

Shenzhen Pechant Technology factory does all works for screen protectors,mobile phone accessories, provides one -stop solutions: solutions

2.Good price

3.Quality guarantee

4.NDA for Custom work

5.Market Support

6.OEM and ODM Accepted